Monday, April 4, 2011

Easy rainy day crafts..........

Last Wednesday we had nothing going on and the weather was garbage like usual so Mia needed some new activities to keep her busy.........Like her diaper box and a zip lock with crayons, she played with this on and off all day (and is still playing in it coloring).

Then I did something that I used to do with the Nenna's (even though they don't remember so we are doing it today :) But all you need is printer paper food coloring and a baking sheet! Drop little drops all over your paper
Carry it outside
set it out in the rain and watch the colors blend (Mia loved this part)
and when you are all finished you have a beautiful masterpiece and its even more beautiful when it dries.
Fun times and you mom's out there can feel like Martha freakin Stewart!!!!!!

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