Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This picture was on the Mt. Si football website, what a great little supporter of Bobo.

Special Friends Day

On Friday we went to special friends day at The Edwards school. Mia was so excited to see the kids and Aidan Liam and Gracie were so excited and loving towards Mia. I think I have been to special friends day for the last 7 years in a row????? Can't wait for next year......

Monday, October 18, 2010

GG and Papa came!

On Saturday my Grandma and Papa came to visit and I have been prepping her all week telling her so that she would be ready. And she was she was so excited to see them! She played with them and showed them all her tricks :) She really loves them which melts my heart cause I couldn't love them anymore. I feel to blessed to have the worlds best grandparents. Mia even smelled like my Papa (stetson) the night that they left and I didn't want her to lose the smell so I didn't give her a bath that night and kept smelling her! That is with out a doubt my favorite smell. I do have to add that on Saturday my Mom, sister Grandma and I all went to the mall while Ryan, my Dad and Papa took Mia to the pumpkin patch all by herself (in a tutu)! What a lucky little girl.

Pageant Dress??????

This is my dress from when I was little! Just thought I would post this cause she might wear it in her next pageant, I'm not sure though :)

Auntie Reeser's Birthday

Last Wednesday we went to my parents for Gladis' 23rd birthday!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Halloween Craft!

You will need the following supplies plus a 5x7 white canvas and a black and silver sharpie. PS if you go to Michael's make sure to print off a coupon. This is very cost efficient.
Paint the canvases black and let it dry. (it will most likely need 2 coats)
Paint your kids hand white (use a ton of paint so its very thick)
Even Taylor got in on the action. I love her sour face ;) The girls got to finget paint pumpkins after so she was eventually happy about art and craft time at my house!
Once you make the hand print sprinkle white glitter on the hand print and shake off.
Then with the black sharpie draw a mouth and eyes, and with the silver sharpie draw your kiddo's name and the year. For the older kids they could pretty much do the entire project themselves. Also I bought some Halloween ribbon to hang the canvas with and just used my staple gun to staple it to the back! I hope at least one person does this. (Emily, Ellie is not too young to do this so no excuses :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Bobo and Tam Tam went to homecoming!

The kids went to homecoming on Saturday night. They had a blast and Ryan helped get Cameron ready, while I helped Tam get ready. I did her hair and make-up myself my first sort of up do!!!!!!!

Remlinger Farms

Mia and her friends Jalyn Bradyn and Tay Tay!
One year ago! Look how much they have grown!
bouncing at the farm (this was by far her favorite)

Riding a ride that might have been a little too fast but she came off with a smile :)
Sweet little friends :)
Family ride! Look at her sour face she had a time-out for that at home not to worry. I mean when it costs 50.00 for a family of 3 to get into the stinking farm she had better have a frickin smile on her face the entire time!!!! Just kidding, but we will definitely be finding coupons next year :)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall City Farm!

Today we went to Fall City Farms to pick pumpkins! We are also going this weekend if the weather holds but I had the Nenna's (Mia's name for Alexa and Makenna) late tonight and since I have taken the girls to the pumpkin patch now 6 years in a row I took the opportunity to check out a new pumpkin patch for us! The one we usually go to was closed today and its a good thing for us cause Fall City is WAY better! All the kids loved it.

Hay maze
Oh how Mia loves the Nenna's
Ryan is training the girls for J&R Rockscapes.

This is Makenna's friend Anna with us and my sister also babysits for her family but i have to tell you all that hanging out with Anna is like hanging out with Marisa when she was 9. It's so much fun even my Mom thinks she is just like Gladis! P.S. doesn't Mia look like such a big kid????