Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farm days

Last week we had a great time at Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah and at Remlinger Farms. Both places were on our top 10 list and they did not disappoint!
Alexa loved this baby mini horse. "Peaches" She kept eating Alexa's shorts and she was loving that :)

The top 10 crew. Makenna Rylee Alexa Emma Mia and Kobe (in birth order)

Emy and Kobe

Tubing the Issaquah Creek

Happy Girl

Mia's Friends Wyatt and Olivia


First Canoe Ride

Remliner TrainMia was so worried about "Nenna" (her name for both the girls) Every time they went by on the roller coaster she cried.

Next was Raspberry picking!

My favorite picture :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

This weekend we..............

Took the kids and Mia to Alki and rented a bike for all of us. We ALL had so much fun. Ryan was banned from driving for running over a trash can, running me and Tam into the bushes and overall lack of attention to the road. So, once the kids and i took over everyone was safe!

Mia playing in the sand.
On Saturday we went to Ryan's 3 on 3 tourney. He took second place and we all has fun watching. It was like a mini-hoopfest. Luckily Mia loves watching sports like her Dad Aunt and Uncle.
Bouncing with Tam Tam
Running after the ball.....
Mia is such a great sport spectator ;)

Uncle Cam's b-day
Beez in my turbie-so sexy!!!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last Weekend we............

Scott's Dairy Freeze in North Bend
Rattlesnake Lake
Top of Rattlesnake the girls were amazing! I can't tell you how well they did they beat everyone to the top :)
Spaghetti Factory for Mes' birthday
Splash park in crossroads Beez just loves water so she was pretty much in heaven.
The Edwards came and Mia loved that.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The 4th and Taylor turns ONE!!!!!!!

We had a fun busy weekend! I can't believe it but Tay Tay turned 1! It was a great party and she was the best little birthday girl ever!

Our Fourth was spent with the Wallaces and the Loveridge's it was rainy but we still had a great time! (as always) Mia even loved the fire-works :)