Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lemonade Stand 2010

Yesterday was the annual Lemonade stand at my Mom's. It started out a little slow and we were worried but after about an hour it really picked up. The recession has nothing on US!!!!!
Ryan was trying to dunk Alexa and he couldn't cause that little bug is so strong and feisty :)
Marisa's friend Lindsay even helped bring in a few costumers.
Oh Silly Bands

I love these girls : ) Grandma and Mia

10 Years Later and...........

these are still my girls (freaking minus Penn and Joan) I am officially old I had my 10 year reunion this weekend. Go Issy! We had a blast catching up with old friends, even though it was a little awkward to see people you have not seen in 10 years. Ryan was in Montana and Trevor was in Vegas so we made it a girls night, got ready together, and had a sleep-over at my house. I think all we do is laugh!

Random Summer Stuff.........

Jalyn's 3rd Birthday! They had ponies there which Mia and Tay Tay loved except for the fact that she had sunscreen in her little eyes :(
Playing on the fun island with Daddy at Nana Lorna's

such nice sharing

Wild Waves with Cameron Tamarra Makenna and Alexa. Mia stayed with Grandma and we had a great time except I lost my earing (the ones we got on our honey-moon) and I cried :( Oh well we will just have to go back some day..........

Discovery Beach

A couple of weeks ago we went to Discovery Beach in Seattle. We has a blast and even though the weather was crummy in the morning it cleared up in the afternoon and EVERYONE had a blast. We found tons of sea life and learned a lot :) I always check the tide schedule before I go so that we can be there to find all the fun creatures.
It was Mia's first time and she loved the water (ps its really shallow and warm during low tide)
The "top 10" gang

Always doing work....
The "Nenna's"

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Craft Day!

Today was our annual craft day! We had a ton of fun and I love that I have girls who love crafting with me :) We added Mia this year and she did great considering that she slept most of the time so we could get so much accomplished!
Easy play-dough recipe that totally makes great dough! 2c. flour 2c. warm water 1c. salt 2tbs. oil and 1tbs cream of tarter. Combine in pan over low heat and stir til it becomes play-dough. Then I waited for it to cool and added food coloring and kneaded till combined.
Mia didn't really like to touch the dough but she did like sticking things in it! I will keep trying till she LOVES it.
Alexa loved play-dough when she was little and still will play with it for an hour if we had time :)
For some reason the girls decided that dressing up and making a video was part of craft day so we rolled with that (they are girls after my own heart :)

We made Tye-Dye shirts for the fair
They painted Dog houses
We also made canvases for their rooms. This was so awesome and took a lot of time but they are a great age for this cause they really wanted them to look good in their rooms. PS some of the paint is glow in the dark-and it even works!!!