Monday, April 4, 2011

Mia's first trip to the woodland park zoo......

My brother Matt LOVES the zoo! Since we were little he has always loved animals, and because we grew up in San Diego we had the San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, and Sea World in our back yard-so this was perfect for Matt. But, what was not perfect for Matt was the fact that my mom speed-walked through the zoo and Matt wanted to read all the signs. So now that Matt is an adult he goes to the Zoo and can stay as long as he wants. Every year for Mia's birthday Matt is going to take her to the Zoo. Yesterday we met Matt at the zoo for Mia's first birthday present and it was a great thing that we waited so long cause she absolutetly loved everything. Her little mind was going a mile a minute and she just soaked up all the information.

Don't you just love Mia's Zoo tour guide?????

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Annie said...

I'm glad that Mia was able to take it all in and enjoy the zoo!
Your brother's tour guide outfit made me smile! What a fun uncle :)