Wednesday, March 28, 2012


This little number was in the Issaquah Press this week! How fun, just like old times when I used to ALWAYS be in the press with Mes ;) HAHA, ok well I wasn't in the paper really ever but Mes was, but I sure was a great cheerleader for her! I would also like to note that Taylor is doing the routine correctly while Mia spent 90% of the time doing star jumps. Oh gee darn Ballet is not in our future.....

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's that time of year again....

for softball season!!!! Go Auntie Tam Tam!

happy to be 7 months

This guys is so excited to be 7 months he might even sleep through the night........

Awesome weekend!

We had such an awesome weekend. My Grandparents and Aunt Jami and cousin Christina came into town to visit and see Mia's ballet recital.
GG reading to MiaBud Bud getting some love from PapaWe celebrated Aunt Jami's 50th birthday and Mia's 3rd early. Its' always more fun when its a PARTY!!!Who does he love more???? Duh, me-I am the first! Sorry Sissy.......Mia before her recitalI just love watching these two grow up together!The performers!Auntie Sissy and Uncle Chris are such great supporters! GG and Papa! I can't tell you how special it was to have them there.Papa LR and ZipMom and her kids and grandkids-although you can't see Ryan cause Mia is covering him! He'll get her back soon enough ;)

Monday, March 19, 2012

Whats new?

Mia loves her "weasel"
Bud Bud started eating baby food! And Mia is ALL about feeding him :)Such a big boy!Oh LR has been sick FOREVER! We got fed up and took him in but he only has a virus! We had to put him in the little wheel chair-we did with Mia too...I took Mia to get her nails painted for the first time- she loved it! So did I :)Kobe got a new sister and he came over to play while Emy had baby Jaya!Bud Bud loves his tub time at Grandma's house.We met Auntie sissy for lunch downtown.This guy has me wrapped up!All dressed up for St. Patty's day! Did you know that the crazy Leprechaun turned Mia's potty green, and he turned her "yogrit" green too???Well, that is what is new in our life!!!!!!!!

Look who is 6 months!

Sissy had to get in on the 6 month action!
Oh good Lord!