Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Gunther Update

Gunther is our Elf on the shelf and today is his last day!  We are very sad to see him go, VERY SAD!  Mia has had many tears about Gunther heading back to the North Pole. Gunther so kindly wrote her a note, and when she saw it, it took everything she had not to cry while she said,  "Mom he is the sweetest elf ever."  

More December fun!

These two kill me!
 The Nenna's came to Mia's last game
 and to make gingerbread houses!

 Then we had all our friends over for a Christmas play-date to make crafts and reindeer food!

 Snowflake lane for the 3rd time!  But the Tsuchikawas, Tam Tam and Gracie made it so special!

 Then we make some fun Christmas trees with candy and ice cream cones.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

SANTA 2013

We hit up Santa again this year and Mia just loved it as usual but lil Ryan took some major months of convincing that Santa was nice and he will give you candy.  I thought for sure he would SCREAM his head off but we experienced a true Christmas miracle. HE SMILED!

GG and Papa Visit

GG and Papa came to visit for some holiday fun!  We were SO excited to have them over that we told them there was a "snow storm" just to keep them an extra day.  We all just LOVE having them.
 Coloring with GG
 Getting ready to watch the kids see Santa
 Auntie Sissy getting Mia all pretty for Santa

 Snowflake Lane!