Friday, January 25, 2013

the happs....

Here is a huge blog update!!! So much has been going on.... We went ice skating with Auntie Tam Tam.  Mia loved it and could have skated for hours. Bud on the other hand did not, every time we came around he was happy until we kept going then the waterworks came! He's so sensitive ;)

 All was made right then Sissy shared her ice cream cone!
 Then we took a little trip to the Aquarium with our friends Clover Fig and Jack.
 These two are such good little buddies!

 Sea Otter (Mia's fav!)
 Classic Ryan and Fig pic!
 Mia's "Octopus face"
And finally, on Sunday we went for a 6 mile family walk in freezing temps!  Mia ran to much that she was limping on Monday!

 Check out little Ryan's sad face! It kills me :)

Mia's first day of school....

Mia did it! She went to pre-school and LOVED it. She had her entourage with her to watch the big moment.  Ryan and my Dad might have cried, they are suckers! She is so lucky to have so many people in her life that love her so much!  I found this little gem hiding in downtown Snoqualmie.  It just opened this year and I fell in love with the charm and the fact that they actually have a farm with goats, ducks, chickens, bunnies and gardens. She goes two days a week and is excited to go every day.

Christmas Day 2013

Christmas Day was a SUCCESS!  The kids made the day so fun and exciting. The pictures are a little out of order but you will get the picture.  Mia's highlight was her gum and make-up.  Ryan was pretty happy just to be with everyone but I have to say he had so much fun with the red car Marisa and Chris got them!!!!  

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Christmas Eve 2012

 Christmas Eve was spent with family and friends!  Bobo, Tam, Grandma and Grandpa and Patty all came to church and then to a crab feast at our house!  It was perfect and so much fun to see the excitement in Mia's eyes putting the reindeer food on the front lawn and setting out the cookies for Santa!