Thursday, September 30, 2010

Silly Mia

Someone loves her boots!
On your marks, get set........
This is uncle BOBO getting beat up and Mia is really worried.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Weekend (actually our Sunday)

Anyone who knows my moms knows a couple of things about her, she loves Glen Campbell, all natural food, sunscreen, fiber cereal with blueberries and the horse races. Consequently Mia is following right in her foot steps she claps when she hears Glen, loves fiber cereal and yells NEEEEEIHG when she sees the horses running at Emerald Downs on my parents TV. So, on Sunday we took her to the track to see them in person and as you can imagine she went crazy :) I would also like to add that my Mom bought her a toy from the gift shop (that she is obsessed with). My brother and I had to remind her that she NEVER EVER bought us anything from gift shops and she calmly said, "I like her better." Point Taken.
Grandpa and Uncle Matt Matt

Our little Jockey (although we are pretty sure that her head is already too big for those helmets-I mean she can barely fit it through the whole :)
Then last night we went to the new Ben and Jerry's in our neighborhood and she loved the ice cream! DUH!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

ADAM, ADAM ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris and I after the fair still so excited!
Adam with all the GLAM
Signing Ellie's picture for him :)
I think he is laughing cause I was reminding him of when he Emily and I did synchronized swimming.

Neil, Adams brother he has the video of Adam from my mom and is going to show everyone on the bus!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Gym

Last Friday Mia went to her first organized class. Little Gym!!!! For years I have taken the kids I nanny for to practically EVERY class offered for small children on the east-side so it was nice to experience the class with Beez. She absolutely loved every minute of it. It's such a great class with so many fun activities to do. I hope we get to go back :) (sorry the pictures are side-ways Ryan took them with his phone and I can't figure how to rotate them)

Monday, September 13, 2010

And the award for Mom of the year goes to........

EMILY AND I!!!!! We took the babies wine tasting by ourselves!
A little wine will help her sleep at night right?????
That a girl Beez
Lingerie shopping! What baby doesn't need a 34D????
The bar Emily and I used to frequent "Bulls" prior to mommyhood.
Two for one

Finally I get to meet Ellie!

Mia and I traveled BY OURSELVES to San Luis Obispo this past week to see my Best friend of all time from the 2nd grade to meet her daughter Ellie Elizabeth. I have only been able to see pictures of her and to see her in person was amazing and she was so precious and sweet!

Mia and Ellie
Look at that hat and that smile! I could kiss her face off :)
Bubble gum alley
Story time! I am pretty sure Ellie had a longer attention span.
Emily's husband Rob coaches football so we went to his game Friday night.
We went to a fruit stand/farm in San Luis and Mia started this new screaming thing when she gets super excited and I think she scared the animals.

Look at that funny cow!
Look at the tounge on that cow!

Mia's first time to a real beach and she could not stay out of the water. I think she was in awe of it.

Two pretty girls in TUTU's

Mia has a new trick......

She now likes to get in and out of the tub whenever she feels like it!!!!!

Lake Chelan

We went for round two with the Tsuchikawa's in Lake Chelan! It was great for the babies they are truly best friends and were so nice to each other they even shared so well. You can tell they genuinely love each other. I can't wait to see where their friendship takes them. Precious Tay Tay
Mia is always working :)
The golf cart is new to the Ford cabin and the girls just loved it.
Popsicle time

Mia learned how to make a sad face (which is always followed by her cheesy happy face)
Train ride in town