Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wine Tasting

Last weekend we went wine tasting for my Mom's birthday! My parents neighbor Patty really planned an awesome adventure.  We had a BLAST and as you will see on the bus ride home-party bus that is, things got a little CRAZY!!!!!!

Whats up???

We are keeping busy over here! Mia learned to do the monkey bars! Her determination to learn new things is crazy and she does NOT get it from me. 

 And this guys LOVES the park hes been cooped up way too much- a boy needs to run!

This is Ryan at my Mom and Dads house yelling to get in the sink.
 Here is a little Barbie show by Mia.  She loves having her own personal audience!
 Late night onsie dancing with the Karaoke machine
 This guys loves his Grandpa
 Making Valentines for the special people in her life! 99% of them were for her cousins John Meg and Joe ;) 
 She loved opening her loot from her valentine party at school
 These are the Valentines that Mia gave to her friends at school.