Sunday, August 21, 2011

Grandpa Doug and Paige come to visit!

Ryan's Dad Doug came to visit with his sister Paige in hopes that little Ryan would make his apperance. But despite our best efforts he is still in hibernation. Here we are trying a little Guiness to see if that would motivate him but no such luck! Check out Mia in the backround pounding a beer with me!

Ryan, Doug Paige and Mia hiked Rattlesnake and I met them for some swimming after. Here are Paige and Mia at the top.
Ryan and Doug

Mia loves to bounce and she remembers that when Doug was here the last time he took her! So we had to go again, but I am not sure who has more fun the adults or the kids?

Random Stuff........

Here is some random happenings, Mia is OBSESSED with finding suncreen and lathering herself up. No matter how hard we hide it somehow she finds it. Annoying! But I had to take a picture just to document........

Here is her new Rumpunzel wig, she loves it and Grandpa does too!

Oh and here I am on my due date and still no little Ryan........

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A visit with the Edwards!

Yesterday my Mom, Mia and I went to visit the Edwards. Mia loves it there with all the attention from Gracie! The kids are getting so big so fast and I can't believe how mature the boys are!!!!!! I love just hanging out at their house its so comfortable and they always make us feel so welcome!

Bernadette's parents were in town from England and will be here for the birth of little Ryan which is so crazy cause they were also here for Mia's birth.
Aidan 12

Liam (we love his feet :) 11

Grace 9 (Mia is wearing the flower girl dress that Grace wore in my wedding!)

Monday, August 8, 2011

Tam Tam's game!

On Sunday we went to Tam's game she played in the western national championship-they went undefeated the entire tournament and lost in the championship game. Heart breaker! It's so fun watching her play she has improved SO much over the last couple years.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mia's first Sounders Game!

We took Mia to her first sounders game last Wednesday! She loved it-well she pretty much loves anything where she has Ryan and my full and undivided attention. And, yes I realize I look absolutely enormous and swollen in this picture. If raspberry picking, farm going and walking like 40 miles to and from our car to get to the sounders game didn't enduce labor NOTHING will!!!! My kids like it in my belly and although I said he is getting an eviction notice soon I am pretty sure I will be waiting till he is ready!

This girl loves a good hot dog!

Mia shaking her booty walking back to our car.

Remlinger Farm 2011

Last Wednesday was pretty crazy we went to Remlinger Farm to pick Raspberries then to play in the farm on all the rides. (Later that night we went to the Sounders game-pics to follow) I just love this picture of my Mom with her bonnet, backpack, glasses (so she can check the berries for mold and bugs) and of course SPF 70 ALL over her body!!!! She is such a trooper and there is no way that I could keep doing everything I am doing with out her help!

I love these two!

All the kids berry picking (minus Makenna :(

Look at how Alexa has to stand cause of my enormous belly!!! As of Friday I am 38 weeks and my Dr. thinks Little Ryan is already 8 lbs.

Mia and Grandma

She loved every single ride!

The funny thing about Alexa riding this horse is that I took her here when she was Mia's age and I remember her riding "blackberry" and talking about it just like Mia does. How is she 8???

This is by far Mia's favorite! She does not stop talking about how she rode Apple and Coconut! She sings about them in her crib when she is falling asleep and waking up!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Discovery Beach 2011

Yesterday we went to Discovery Beach for one of our last top 10 stops. Makenna is in Chelan with her Best friend and wasn't there so we all missed her but still had a blast and it was a perfectly beautiful day to enjoy Seattle.

Here are our tye-dye shirts from craft day!
check out her 1'' vertical.....

I love this kid so much it hurts my stomache! Look how beautiful she is.......

Jumping over waves

Worlds best Grandma and Mia's BFF!

Uncle Matt Matt came to help the girls explore the tide pools.


Touching baby crabs