Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tanna May Tsuchikawa! She was born Friday March 25th (her original due date) at 9:04 and weighed 7lbs. 8oz and is perfect. Mes is doing great she is a soldier as usual and got this kid out in 3 pushes. I think she is playing a basketball game tonight, I am not sure though!!!!!! Taylor is a wonderful big sister and the whole family is doing great. Holding little Tanna made Ryan and I so excited for our baby to come :)

Here is innapropriate-unsanitary Beez in the hospital room demonstrating her new found love of summersaults. Precious Tanna!

Mia just loved her- I can't wait till she is a big sister.
These two buddies spent over an hour just like this in the tub playing. They have such a cute relationship together they don't really play together they just play side by side they always want to be in the same area as each other.

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