Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Merry Merry Mia.......

We had a wonderful Christmas! Mia still is saying SANTA with much enthusiasm every time she sees the Mickey Mouse Ball house he brought her. Christmas Eve we had my parents, Gladis and Bobo and Tam Tam over for dinner. I used my China for the first time since we got it! It was beautiful but had to be hand washed so I will only use it for special times :)

Drinking Santa's milk!

She was one tired baby on Christmas morn, she took a tree hour nap and recovered nicely!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Gingerbread houses!

The Tsuchikawa's came to our house on Sunday night to make gingerbread houses! The girls actually sat there and put the candy on the houses! (obviously Tay Tay had a far longer attention span!) She is also talking like a 3 year old- Mia is going to vocabulary boot camp to catch up!

Look at Taylor's face! I could just bite her........

More Snoflake Lane......

By then end of this holiday season Mia and I will have been to snowflake lane 5 times. (It just might be too many but I have my happy face on and enjoying every moment!)

Cougar Mountain Zoo!

Last week we went to the Reindeer Festival. I was worried that Alexa might me too old to enjoy it but she loved it and so did Beez. Although, Alexa did say, "Jami- I know these are NOT really Santa's Reindeer cause they are at the north pole practicing and I know that it won't be the real Santa that is there it's one of his helpers cause he is too busy at the north pole getting ready!" Oh how I love the magic that is in her eyes still.
Feeding the reindeer

Lemurs! They were really loud, so Mia got along with them perfectly.

Monday, December 13, 2010


This weekend was a little crazy for us! Ryan is in Reno for his Dad's 50th, so of course Mia and I had to stay busy, The Nenna's, Rylee, Kobe and Emy came over for a sleep-over on Saturday. We had a great time made a candy train craft! Too busy burning ourselves with hot glue to take any pics though :) Then they got in their Christmas PJ's and we stopped by Starbucks for hot chocolate and drove around admiring peoples Christmas lights! On Sunday I got everyone ready and headed out for Kobe's first birthday! I cannot believe it has been one year since I saw that little angel enter this world. :)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Oh be still my heart! Mia knows how to get me cause nothing gets me going like Santa. We have been prepping her for 2 months! At first she was really nervous then she just flashed us this sweet smile. She must really want to be on the nice list!!!!!!!!!

Our Christmas Party!

Last weekend we had a Christmas Party! ALL adult and no kids, Yippee. Mia went to my Mom's and and we has a great time. Here are Matt Marisa and I, Matt won the sweater party!
Jenn and Kyle! What a cute couple, they had a sleep over and went out to breakfast and they were wearing the same outfits. AWESOME
Uncle Eddie (I mean Kyle)
Marisa and her college roommate Car Car.
Conrad Matt Ryan and Joe
Our old neighbors Gena and Sam check out their outfits :)
Some of my favorites! Mes even has Jami Jr. on the way :)

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seattle Christmas Day.......

Today we had a very special day with our friends enjoying downtown Seattle and all the fun Christmas activities. First we went to the Seattle Sheraton to look at the AMAZING gingerbread houses.

Then we stopped by Macy's to write letters to Santa. And we put them in the special mail box that goes directly to Santa!!!!!

This was Makenna's Letter (in case you don't know she WILL be the next Mother Theresa) She didn't even ask for anything, she is the sweetest kid I really feel lucky to have spent so much time with her (and Alexa of course too) over the last 5 1/2 years.

Here is Alexa's letter I love her manners in this letter, I had absolutely NO input whatsoever. What a sweet girl :)

Here is Mia mailing her letter!

Then we rode the carousel at westlake center!

Then while Mia slept the Alexa Makenna Rylee Baby Emy and I decorated Gingerbread houses for the 6th time together. What a fun and special memory :)