Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This weekend we found out that Mia loves to swing at the park! She could not stop smiling and we have taken her 3 times now and she can not get enough.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


Here are some late pics from our trip to Wenatchee to visit my Aunt Teri Uncle Mike and cousins for Labor day!

It was Jessica's birthday! So fun to celebrate with her...
Could they love her anymore????? NO!
Hiking=Tired Mommy (but well needed workout) But Mia loved it. And yes those are socks on her hands.
We took Mia swimming in the rain! Awesome parenting, I know.

Lunch Bunch

I have been wanting to post this for a while! This is our little "lunch bunch" On Wednesdays Michelle Mes Taylor Mia and I all meet for lunch. Its so much fun and so sweet cause Michelle always wants to spend time with our girls. I am so lucky to have such amazing friends! When Ryan and I got pregnant people cautioned us that our friends that did not have kids would not understand our lives with kids. I have NOT experienced that at all! My friends could not be more supportive. In fact I think that they might like me better with Mia. I am so lucky!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mia with Mia and Paul

Today Steve Mia and Paul Rothrock came over to visit our Mia. The Rothrocks are long time family friends of the Sweenys. I met Mia R when she was born (she is my Dad's God-daughter) and I thought she was so beautiful and knew that I would name my first daughter after her. Luckily Ryan loved the name just as much as I did. Mia and all her sisters and brother have the best manners ever. Ryan and I can only hope that Mia is as confident polite and sweet as the Rothrocks.

Family Update

Ryan's birthday was last weekend and we got a date night to Daniels and then met up with friends for drinks. It was so much fun and so nice that we can leave Mia with my parents with out a single worry. We are so lucky.

Mia got a Johnny Jump Up and she loves it! She figured it out right away (Thanks Emy and Rylee)
Bradyn is getting to be so big! I think that Mia was flirting with him :)
Not sure if I have reported but Mia is sleeping in her crib (for the last month or so) she does great and we are so lucky that she is such a great sleeper.
We had people over for the first Seahawks game to celebrate Ryan's birthday. Mia loves when friends come over. And Ryan loves the Seahawks and I love to entertain so its pretty much a WIN-WIN!

Here is Mia with Tay Tay they are such great buddies (pretty sure Mia has figured that out but I think Taylor is still sizing Mia up!)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Mia at one day old
This is Mia at 4 3/4 months trying to recreate her one day old picture......

She is so happy, it makes life so exciting :)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Fair

We love going to the Fair every year and this year it was so much fun to bring Mia! She was such a trooper and did AMAZING.

Alexa Rylee Makenna and Baby Emma (the little girl that Emy watches)

Just checking to see if Makenna is in tight enough!

The Zoo.....

I have to be honest and say I am not a fan of the Zoo but it was on the girls summer "Top 10" list this year and because I am the best nanny ever I fulfilled my promise and we accomplished EVERY ONE. I will mention and I did totally procrastinate on the Zoo considering we went the day before school started. In case you are wondering here is the list......
1. Renton water park (Henry Moses Pool)
2.Remlinger Farms and raspberry picking
3. Crossroads Water park
4. Lemonade Stand
5. Craft Day (an entire day of crafting)
6. Pool Day (Saved for a rainy day at the YMCA)
7. Zoo
8. Discovery Beach Seattle
9. Rattlesnake Lake in NB and Scott's Dairy Freeze after
10. Evergreen County Fair (the girls favorite EVERY year)


OH CEREAL!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Remember When.....................

I remember when Makenna dressed up as Ms. Hannigan (the evil head mistress from Annie) She was yelling at Alexa and I calling us her little pig dropplings. Which is so out of character or Makenna.

I remember when Alexa was almost three and got into the Vaseline she proceeded to put it all over herself and all in her hair. We tried a million times to wash it out but I finally found out that we had to put cornstarch in her hair so that it would absorb all of the oil from the Vaseline. These pics are priceless and still make me laugh!!!!!

Time goes by so quickly! I love my days with Alexa and Makenna...............