Sunday, April 17, 2011

Emerald Downs and other random things....

On Friday we went to Emerald Downs for opening day. Mia is a product of my Mom cause she did not just love the track and EVERYTHING about it she was genuinely interested in the paddock, starting gate, finish line and she was especially concerned when the horsey pooped on the floor. She is still talking about that and continues to tell the horse to go poop in the potty. (I wish that she would take her own advice :) She was also excited to see cousin Tim there (my Mom's cousin who is the Top Trainer out at the track)

Uncle Matt Matt and Dado came from work and met us for some race track fun! This is my new favorite picture of these two!
In other random news my sissy got a new job with Nordstroms corporate and so, Gladis and my Dad ride the bus together down town! How cute!!!! She even has sent me picture text of my Dad sleeping on the bus....
Also, I would like to document another reason Mia is just like my Mom, every morning at my Mom's house she and my Mom have the same breakfast: yogurt, fiber cereal and blueberries!!!! She is so lucky to have such an amazing Grandma but I still remind Beez that, "She was my Mom first!"

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