Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Tanna May Tsuchikawa! She was born Friday March 25th (her original due date) at 9:04 and weighed 7lbs. 8oz and is perfect. Mes is doing great she is a soldier as usual and got this kid out in 3 pushes. I think she is playing a basketball game tonight, I am not sure though!!!!!! Taylor is a wonderful big sister and the whole family is doing great. Holding little Tanna made Ryan and I so excited for our baby to come :)

Here is innapropriate-unsanitary Beez in the hospital room demonstrating her new found love of summersaults. Precious Tanna!

Mia just loved her- I can't wait till she is a big sister.
These two buddies spent over an hour just like this in the tub playing. They have such a cute relationship together they don't really play together they just play side by side they always want to be in the same area as each other.

Professional Bowler

We decided to do something fun with Bobo and Ta-tam this weekend instead of our usual study hall sessions where Ryan is helping them with homework and Mia is mad cause they are not playing with her, or going to Tam's games which Mia LOVES but still wants to play with them so we went bowling! They had shoes that fit Beez and she didn't want anything to do with the little ramp (she told me those are for sissy's) and so she carried her own ball and hucked it down the lane! I am not joking when I tell you that she beat me (I blame the baby in my belly for my struggle with balance ;)

This is my favorite picture-she would sit and wait for for the ball to knock her pins down and then turn around and clap for herself!!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day!

Today Mia got in the spirit of St. Patrick's Day, with a green bow and shirt! We had a great walk to the park and enjoyed some sunshine (YIPPEE) then she made a little shamrock art project that she is so proud of, in fact she was so proud she threw it off the balcony right after I took that picture and we have had crocodile tears cause I won't go get it for her! She shouldn't throw it if she wanted it!!!!!!

I really love this picture of her running...She looks like such a big kid!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fox Hollow Farm

Today we got outside and enjoyed a play-date at Fox Hollow Farm in Issaquah with Mia's friend Wyatt! They both loved seeing all the animals, riding the tractors and bouncing in the bouncy house. The weather actually was not raining, so they were able to run around and get some fresh air.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Home show fun!

Our life is so NOT exciting right now, so this is all I have........ Last weekend Ryan did the home show and so we had to go and visit him and check out his awesome booth. I even got to "play business" and help him talk to costumers on Friday. You get to meet some awesome characters at the home show...........lucky us :)

Oh wait here is something exciting.....I my Mom and sister helped me organize Mia's closet! I better not be complaining too much cause in about 5 months this new baby is going to rock our little world :)

Monday, March 7, 2011

Cake project at the Nenna's school!

Makenna and Alexa had an optional school project for literacy week where they had to pick a book and design a cake around that book. We chose Charlotte's Web. Everything on the cake is edible (except for the hot glue holding the pretzel fence together) The dirt is b. sugar, the grass is green coconut and the animals are made out of fondant. The girls and I are really mad cause they don't judge the cakes you just get a dumb certificate for participation. Heaven forbid that now a days kids don't WIN everything they do. Cause that is great preperation for real life. The girls even said that they didn't care if they won and if someone made a better cake then theirs they would be ok with second ;) I laughed so hard!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Mom turned 50??????

It was Mom's birthday last week she turned 50! It was pretty low key because we had already taken her to Reno for and weekend of GLEN! Mia loved celebrating Grandmas birthday, the singing cake and presents are all so fun for a almost two year old!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lori Emily and Ellie come to visit!

Here are Ellie and Mia in the tub! They were great ages to play together cause Ellie loved watching Mia since she is not yet on the move and Mia was obsessed with helping Ellie do EVERYTHING! I loved watching them together and spending Mom time with Emily. We did laugh about the fact that gone are the days of spending 3 hours getting ready to go out, drinking in the shower, setting aside 45 minutes just to straighten our hair, setting up a play list with songs that fit the theme of the night, trying on 15 outfits and trading clothes. Now we are lucky to have 3 minutes to get ready!!!!!!
We had beautiful sunny day to go sledding-Ellies first time! I actually think she really liked the snow, but I can't really be sure because she is such a fun baby and loved everything we did with her. She really is such a happy baby! We all wanted to kiss her sweet little cheeks off.

Kyle, Jalyn (Jean) and Bradyn (Bean) came to go sledding too! I am pretty sure that it took more time to get all the kids ready to go sledding than it actually did to sled!

Grandpa and Grandma Lori (we think????)