Monday, April 25, 2011

Fox Hollow Farm Easter Egg Hunt!

On Saturday we were so lucky in Seattle with 70 degree weather which happened to be the day we had scheduled to go with some of out friends to Fox Hollow Farm for their Easter Egg hunt :)

She is so brave ;)

The Nenna's were there too......

They actually held hands for a long time (well until Mia was pretty much dragging her up the stairs-that's when I had to break up the love fest)

Auntie Reeser came to play too.....Isn't that baby bunny cute? I used to have a pet rabbit named Roger, he lived forever but my Dad built a cage that was pretty much impossible to reach into and so he never really got held which made him kinda mean, Mia will NOT have a bunny!

Tanna was killing the Easter egg hunt and the pony rides, so here is the after picture of her passed out!

I LOVE my husband!

Look at my little equestrian-she is ready for the horsies at GG and Papa's house......
It was even warm enough to have a Popsicle or ocipul as Mia says!

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