Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lake Chelan

Last weekend we went to lake Chelan with our friends Mes and Trev and Mia's best buddy Taylor. We were so lucky because the family that I nanny for let us use their cabin. We had so much fun and literally did nothing. It was amazingly relaxing and so much fun. The babies loved it too.

This is so funny cause Trev thought he was going to die from the temp in the water. I couldn't stop laughing.

Mia is 4 Months!

These are a little late but here are Mia's 4 month pictures! I had to post all of these cause gone are the days of standing and taking 400 pictures just to get one good one of her. I only had to take 3 and they were all adorable! We also had Mia's 4 month appointment and she is doing great, she is 14lbs and 14 oz. 77%- 25 inches 77%! And she is now eating rice cereal every once in a while. And the best part is she is giggling and smiling all the time.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Girls Trip to Spokane

We went to Spokane for a little vacation and to see our relatives. It was a hugging fest and Mia sure got her love tank all filled up. It was so special for me to be able to take Mia to my Grandma and Papa's house I have so many special memories there. We stayed for three nights but I could stay there forever.
Auntie Reese and Grandma all ready to go with Mia.
Swimming in Grandma Billie and Papa's pool.

Mia's Grandma's
Mia wearing a dress Grandma Shape made for me and she is also holding REAL deer moccasins that she made for me too!
Aunt Fuller.....I mean Aunt Jami loving on Mia
Cousin Tana
Mia just loved her Papa (like her Mama)
Mia with the cat she thought he was so funny!
Cousin Sammy Jackie and Uncle Jimbo

Grandma Billie loving on Mia what a lucky girl!
Mia working at her Papa's latte stand :)
Mia's Great Grandma Jeanne (my Dad's mom) Mia put on a real good show she was all smiles,

Friday, August 14, 2009

Riding Big Red

This is Me with my Papa in 1982 on a bronze replica horse he had named Big Red. Now 27 years later Mia is with my Papa on the same horse. I was 4.5 months and Mia is just about 4 months. What lucky girls we are :)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

5 Generations!

Mia and I are in Spokane for a little vacation and today we took a 5 generation picture. In the picture is Mia, Me, my Mom Tami, my Grandma Billie, and my Great Grandma Sharpe and we threw in my sister Marisa. How lucky is Mia to have so many great women in her life????

Sunday, August 9, 2009


So, ever since I can remember Mes and I have talked about having kids and all the funny things we would do to them. We started with putting them both in Taylor's hospital bed when she was born and have now carried that over to playing dress up with them. We realized that they had the same outfits and decided to have a photo shoot at our BBQ the other night!
I thought I would throw in this adorable pic of Tay Tay.
I was dying-meanwhile Ryan and Trevor threatened to call CPS

By the end they had had ENOUGH!

Crazy Busy Fun Weekend!!!!

This weekend we had Ryan's Dad Doug here so, we went to the Seahawks practice at Husky field on Friday. Then had a BBQ at our house with family and friends. Today we took Grandpa Doug home and went to Jalyn's 2nd birthday party where Mia went in her first bouncy house and met ELMO!!! (the Elmo meeting was so exciting for me cause I viewed the meeting as "character training" for DISNEYLAND)

Jalyn with Elmo!
Mia in the bouncy house
Precious Tay Tay with her BIG buddy
Notice their toes-they both sit like this and don't worry Mia can do the EXACT same thing :)

Mia with her Grandpas! What a lucky girl.
The Seahawks practice