Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sweeney Christmas Party 2012

Last night was the Sweeney Family Christmas Party!  We had a blast but know one had half as much fun as Mia did.  We are all so blessed to have each other and I feels like Christmas can come now that we have celebrated the season with the Sweeney's!
 Ryan and I get a nice little break when we are at family functions!  We only saw Mia a couple of times :)

 Grandma Jeanne Kelly Caroline Mom and Sissy Pants
 Uncle Matt Matt and Uncle Jeff
Sissy Kevin and I
 Brittaney and Bud
 These two just really love each other!
 Mia made her cousins ornaments, helped me wrap them and was so proud to hand them out.  She's a pretty smart cookie cause she only made them for the kids, Kelly, Caroline, John, Meg, Joe and Uncle Jeff!
Meg let Mia dress up in all her old dress up clothes

 Lil' Ryan took a while to adjust to all the people loving on him, tough job.... I know.......
 Aunt Karen Mom and Dad
 Grandma Jeanne and Mia

Monday, December 17, 2012

We had a rockin' Christmas party last weekend! It was one for the records.  Ryan's Dad even came up for the big night!  It was an ugly sweater theme and there were some AMAZING ensambles.  We also had an intense game of flip-cup!  Here are some snap-shots from the night.....
Katrina, Matt, Joel and Brittaney
Sissy Pants and Megan
Jody and I 
Sissy, Matt and I
Sissy and Wampy
Flip-Cup Champions Jenn, Ryan, Becca and Michelle
Some of the guys
Joel and I in matching sweater vests (classic)
Matt Matt won best dressed. OBVIOUSLY!
This sweater was Trevs but Ryan had to give it a whirl
Jody Mes Jenn Becca and Michelle!  See the outfits were amazing.....  Until next year :)

Friday, December 14, 2012

What we have been up to...........

We have been really busy these days with the holidays  and getting ready for Santa to come! Last week we hit up this awesome place called wiggle works and the kids loved it.

 Ryan had his company work party.
 Grandma came over to make Christmas cookies. And Ryan wore his apron too :)

 Then the Nenna's came over to decorate gingerbread houses and look at Christmas lights in their pajamas.
 Onto Snowflake lane for the second time with our friends Clover and Fig.
 These two loved their suckers

Then we celebrated Uncle Trevor's birthday at the Seattle U basketball game. Mia had a blast and loved going on the court after the game, she did NOT want to leave.  Maybe she will be my little hooper after all!
 What a good looking family!

 Oh, and more to come with Grandpa Doug......

Monday, December 10, 2012

Santa 2012

Santa through the years!

So Classic!