Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas at Grandma's

Mia is at my Mom's today and this is what she is doing..........(not to mention getting her Grandma love tank all full) She is one lucky little girlie :)
Aren't those Santa's AMAZING? My Mom cut each Santa out with her saw, hand painted each one and it only took my Mom only 9 days to make them, she made them when I was in the 8th grade and went on a trip to Washington DC with my school. (she missed me so much she had to do something to pass the time) (Emily: do not tell that I spent half the trip crying to you cause I wanted to go home cause I missed her too)
Those were Matt Marisa and my stuffed animals and now Mia just loves them.

Monday, November 29, 2010

More Sledding

We had a blast exploring all the wonderful sledding hills in our new neighborhood! Bobo and Tam Tam came to take in the fun! Hope you all did a little sledding too :)

Bobo and Tam Tam

Oh Christmas Tree Oh Christmas Tree......

We got our Christmas Tree on Saturday and Beez just loved it :) We are having a hard time learning to just look with our eyes and not touch the ornaments. She is doing surprisingly well although she insists on kissing all the bartbe (sparkly) ones.........

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving would not be complete with out an appearance from "Pageant Mia!" (That was my dress :)

The fam came to our house for dinner on Wednesday night before the big night. It was fun and we had make your own Pizza bar.
Mia loves her Papa........
And she woke up Friday morning asking for her GG so I am guessing that she is crazy about her GG too!!!! What a lucky girl.

Monday, November 22, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with the snow! This is an example of when I love it: When I have lots of food, am at home, with my family, and know where to go. That is fun. But it is not fun when I have to drive all day, be away from my baby (who was having her first real day in the snow) and then spend 2 hours driving from Newcastle to Issaquah (we are spending the night at my parents-which means Beez is happy Ryan and I are full and we get to play YAHTZEE) But I do have to say that I am kinda a bad ass in the snow I flipped a u-turn on I-90 (you know the place where the cops hide to give me tickets) Some lady even flipped me off and then I played a fun game of bobbing and weaving up the Issaquah Highlands hill. Now everything is good Ryan is here and so he can drive us home tomorrow :) Anyways, Beez had a great time playing in the snow although she is trying to figure it out since she was too little last winter.

While I was a work my Mom taught Ryan how to make home-made pie crust! She said he was a professional!!

Fox hollow farm round 2

Last week I got an e-mail from Fox Hollow Farm inviting Mia and I to see baby potbelly pigs that were only 3 days old. Of course we went and my Mom Dad and sister came to see the piggies and the farm. I really wanted to take one of the pigs home, they were to die for (oh that's not funny.......)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last year in my twenties!

Yesterday I turned 29! I had a great day spent with my hubby (who cooked me breakfast-eggs Benedict) Beezy, Gladis, Mat,t Mom, Dad, Bobo and Tam Tam!
Oh yes my Mom bought a light up moving Rudolph that is supposed to go in your yard but cause Mia likes it so much it is staying in the house.

I just love this picture cause everytime that we have the kids Ryan and Cameron end up wrestling the entire time. This captures the after (good thing they are both still laughing cause last weekend Cameron had to go to Urgent Care and get stitches in toe from chasing Tam and he was definitely NOT laughing then)

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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Family Photos

So, last weekend we had our first real family photo session. I do NOT know why I waited so long it was fun and the pictures turned out great. We used Steven from Fielding Photography he was great, totally relaxed and made it easy to get some fun shots! Check him out: www.fieldingphotography.com
Here are some of my favorites and more to come in our Christmas card which are already ordered and on their way, I am so excited and since we moved I will try and get them out first so people will have our address :) Hope everyone is listening to Christmas music in their cars (WE ARE!!!!)