Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Homemade Spa Day!

Today we had to improvise on a top 10 list item due to the GARBAGE weather so we made up Spa Day! It was awesome! The girls loved it and I can't wait to do it with Mia when she grows up. Here are our supplies: Grapefruit sugar scrub, fizzing steam tablets, homemade brown sugar scrub, bath bomb, oatmeal face mask, foot pumice, cucumbers, and homemade avocado deep conditioning treatment! They are pretty much glowing right now :)

Here they are getting thier facials. I got them fizzing tablets for 2.00 a piece at LUSH in Bell square. You just drop it into a bowl of hot water and cover your head in a towel and let your poors open right up.
Then I applied thier oatmeal banana and vanilla face mask (also bought at Lush for 5.00) followed by cucumbers to relieve any puffiness around thier eyes ;) They were pretending to have jobs, husbands and kids. Thier conversation was amazing I almost fell over laughing!

Next they got ther deep conditioning hair treatment. You mix 4 egg yolks, 4 T mayo, 4tsp olive oil, and 2 ripe avocados. Apply all over hair wrap in plastic and let it sit for 20 minutes. During which make sure to soak in a fizzing tub.

Then I cut grapefruit in half and sprinkled with sugar and they massaged it into thier skin. (This is actually amazing I tried it!) They also did a brown sugar scrub in the shower which we homemade. 1 cup b. sugar, one cup white sugar, 4tsp ginger, cinnamon, and ground cloves then gradually add olive oil for your desired consistancy.

And what spa is complete with out a cocktail (Overlake special oj and cran mixed) assorted cheese and meat platter, mixed berry platter and veggie platter?

Mia's friend Mesa

Its no secret that Mia loves the Nenna's, but she also loves their dog Mesa (and Mesa is amazing with her). It's perfect that she gets to play with her now cause I am pretty sure we are going to have to move heaven and earth to convince Ryan to let us get a dog!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Cheap Labor for hire!

Yesterday Ryan dropped off some bark at my parents house, and since Matt Marisa and I all have our own lives my Dad needed to find another worker. Mia was just the perfect fit! She is a hard worker, cheap (and when I mean cheap, she will work for food) and won't tell the authorities about any child labor law violations. Call us if you need some work done........

Monday, July 18, 2011

A shower for a little baby boy.......

My friends got together and threw me a little shower for Little Ryan! Before the shower Chris and Marisa helped me hit up the Nordies sale for some new running shoes! Since its hard for me to bend down (especially in jeans) they hooked me up with the royal treatment! You know Chris is a keeper when he babysits on one of his rare Friday nights off and is willing to put socks and shoes on me! He's a keeper!

We met at Joey's in Bellevue for dinner. I have been dying for their apple pie dessert that they have and it didn't disappoint. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends (and mom) in my life. Mia stayed home but really LOVES all the clothes and especially the balloons for the baby. Every time she sees one of his outfits she says, "Oh it's the baby boy's, it's so cute!" I think she is going to be a great helper. Positive thinking right?????

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our weekend.......

Since this blog is my only form of organizing pictures for my family I have to include a couple random but important pictures..... Like this one of Mia making popcorn with my mom, its her favorite and only gets to do it at Grandma's!

Here is Grandma putting her to work again, she has to earn her keep! Those bags are fill with 10lb flour sacks! What a stud.
My only official prego shot, 34 weeks! He is getting an eviction notice very soon if he does not get off my sciatic nerve!

Look at how big baby Tanna is with her mom! We are pretty sure she is twice the size that Tay Tay was :)

Mia still LOVES baby Tanna!

Here the girls are playing after soccer, they are getting their dirt quota for the week.

Ryan's Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike drove up from California for a visit and Ryan convinced me to go on a hike. 15 minutes in I wanted to kill him (and I still might) I can hardly walk today! But it was great seeing them and the hike was beautiful!

We made it to see the waterfall! Beez does love to hike and Ryan usually takes her so I don't get to see how much she loves it. She talks the ENTIRE way I wonder where she gets that????

Then we celebrated Mes's birthday at the Spaghetti Factory I don't have Taylor in this picture but $0.25 to the first person who can find baby Tana.

A couple of weeks ago my Uncle Paul came to dinner and I had to post a picture cause I just don't see him enough and its no secret that I really love him! And just like her mom, Mia does too....

More top 10 fun

We have managed to tackle a couple more items on our list..... Craft day which we made tye-dye shirts (you will see with the lemonade stand post) and Butterfly canvas art followed by home-made dessert nachos.

Then we hit up the Renton water park! (it's official name is the Henry Moses Aquatic Center) Its great for kids of ALL ages I want to take Mia really bad if the weather will ever stay hot enough!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun and Busy 4th of July!!!!

Yesterday was GREAT!!! Mia was a really busy girl, we had our neighborhood parade in the morning followed by a carnival in the park by our house where Mia bounced for hours -that girl could bounce for days! She even rocked her 5.00 garage sale bike that I decorated in red white and blue! Ryan and I really enjoyed the fun day with Mia knowing that our little boy is only 7 weeks away and we appreciated how easy it was just to have Mia! We are enjoying this time with Mia but so looking forward to meet Little Ryan.

Grandpa and Grandma came to join in the parade fun!
Oh little Miss America waving to everyone-her pageant days are getting so close!!!!!

Please blow this picture up of Ryan I can't stop laughing at his face!!!

After Beezies nap we headed down to the Loveridge's for more 4th fun!

Swimming with Dada

This boat ride was by far the highlight for Mia she did not stop smiling and saying "I'm on a boat." -Thank you captain obvious!!!

Time for some sparklers......She only has a few singed eyelashes-no biggie! Next year the kids are going to try a roman candle fight.

Look how sweet baby Bray is, I could just bite him :)

Tay Tay turns 2!

On Sunday we celebrated Taylors 2nd birthday! Mia was so excited to be a part of it and she was the ONLY kid waiting for cupcakes she even took it upon herself to go and find Taylor so that she could eat a cupcake (she gets that from her Auntie Marisa)

Sweet Tay Tay!

Popsicle time, I love these two little girls together.......