Sunday, September 11, 2011

Random happenings.....

We are starting to get a little more busy now that we are all feeling better! The Tsuchikawas came over and that could not make Mia more happy!

For the first time we have a kid smaller then a Tsuchikawa!!!! I wonder how long that will last????Little Ryan and I took Ryan out to dinner for his 30th birthday, lil Ryan did great and slept through the entire dinner!!!!Mia is signed up for Ballet class (with Tay Tay of course) and I am really prepping her for it we practice every day- I am going to be the world biggest stage Mom! And finally Uncle Matt Matt came to meet little Ryan! He has been really sick with some really weird virus that lasted forever! Glad that he is feeling better....Mia just loves Uncle Matt Matt, and he doesn't have to do anything for her to be completely in love with him (this concept really chaps Gladis ;)

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