Monday, October 18, 2010

GG and Papa came!

On Saturday my Grandma and Papa came to visit and I have been prepping her all week telling her so that she would be ready. And she was she was so excited to see them! She played with them and showed them all her tricks :) She really loves them which melts my heart cause I couldn't love them anymore. I feel to blessed to have the worlds best grandparents. Mia even smelled like my Papa (stetson) the night that they left and I didn't want her to lose the smell so I didn't give her a bath that night and kept smelling her! That is with out a doubt my favorite smell. I do have to add that on Saturday my Mom, sister Grandma and I all went to the mall while Ryan, my Dad and Papa took Mia to the pumpkin patch all by herself (in a tutu)! What a lucky little girl.

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