Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall City Farm!

Today we went to Fall City Farms to pick pumpkins! We are also going this weekend if the weather holds but I had the Nenna's (Mia's name for Alexa and Makenna) late tonight and since I have taken the girls to the pumpkin patch now 6 years in a row I took the opportunity to check out a new pumpkin patch for us! The one we usually go to was closed today and its a good thing for us cause Fall City is WAY better! All the kids loved it.

Hay maze
Oh how Mia loves the Nenna's
Ryan is training the girls for J&R Rockscapes.

This is Makenna's friend Anna with us and my sister also babysits for her family but i have to tell you all that hanging out with Anna is like hanging out with Marisa when she was 9. It's so much fun even my Mom thinks she is just like Gladis! P.S. doesn't Mia look like such a big kid????

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