Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Easy Halloween Craft!

You will need the following supplies plus a 5x7 white canvas and a black and silver sharpie. PS if you go to Michael's make sure to print off a coupon. This is very cost efficient.
Paint the canvases black and let it dry. (it will most likely need 2 coats)
Paint your kids hand white (use a ton of paint so its very thick)
Even Taylor got in on the action. I love her sour face ;) The girls got to finget paint pumpkins after so she was eventually happy about art and craft time at my house!
Once you make the hand print sprinkle white glitter on the hand print and shake off.
Then with the black sharpie draw a mouth and eyes, and with the silver sharpie draw your kiddo's name and the year. For the older kids they could pretty much do the entire project themselves. Also I bought some Halloween ribbon to hang the canvas with and just used my staple gun to staple it to the back! I hope at least one person does this. (Emily, Ellie is not too young to do this so no excuses :)


Annie said...

awesome!! we want to do it!!

kellie said...

I'm 27. Is it cute or pathetic if I make one for myself?!