Thursday, July 19, 2012

We've been busy.....

Lots and lots going on around the Hildebrand household!  Lil' Ryan is officially a crawler, its so cute to watch and he is happy with his new freedom and I am un-happily baby-proofing!

 Mia started soccer with her little friends Clover and Tallie!

 She is really trying hard to learn how to do the monkey bars
 We went swimming at uncle Paul's and Mia just loved it more than I can even explain.  She can now swim on her own with her floatie and she feels so FREE!!!!
 Cousin Meg
 Uncle Paul and cousin John who Mia is in love with!!!!
 The worlds best Grandma!
 Auntie Sissy
 Auntie Tam Tam
 Uncle Wampy
 Grandma Jeanne was there for the fun too!
 I had to snuggle Joe of course ;)
 Oh and last but certainly not least Taylor Ann Tsuchikawa turned 3!  We had them over for a little celebration and we had to sing to her (yes those are candles in a hamburger bun!!!! nothing but the finest for Tay Tay)

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