Monday, July 2, 2012

Hoopfest 2012

 We headed to hoopfest last weekend with the Wallaces!  We had a blast hanging out with them all weekend.  The girls did so good and were total troopers. When we got to Spokane we went to GG and Papa's house for some swimming and dinner.  Mia LOVED going to thier house just like her Momma!  We will be going back soon since she keeps asking ;)

 GG helping Mia jump in!
 The girls trying to call Poppy the cat with Papa
 Mia loves GG
 So does Ky-Ky

 Getting ready to start hoopfest... They will be playing before we know it!
 The Wallaces (minus Bray)

 It was so much fun with Beez but we missed Bud!

 We even got to see the Nenna's over there.
 This kid found a new love for hoops she has been shooting on her little hoop and dribbling since we have been home. 

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