Monday, July 18, 2011

A shower for a little baby boy.......

My friends got together and threw me a little shower for Little Ryan! Before the shower Chris and Marisa helped me hit up the Nordies sale for some new running shoes! Since its hard for me to bend down (especially in jeans) they hooked me up with the royal treatment! You know Chris is a keeper when he babysits on one of his rare Friday nights off and is willing to put socks and shoes on me! He's a keeper!

We met at Joey's in Bellevue for dinner. I have been dying for their apple pie dessert that they have and it didn't disappoint. I feel so lucky and blessed to have such amazing friends (and mom) in my life. Mia stayed home but really LOVES all the clothes and especially the balloons for the baby. Every time she sees one of his outfits she says, "Oh it's the baby boy's, it's so cute!" I think she is going to be a great helper. Positive thinking right?????

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