Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fun and Busy 4th of July!!!!

Yesterday was GREAT!!! Mia was a really busy girl, we had our neighborhood parade in the morning followed by a carnival in the park by our house where Mia bounced for hours -that girl could bounce for days! She even rocked her 5.00 garage sale bike that I decorated in red white and blue! Ryan and I really enjoyed the fun day with Mia knowing that our little boy is only 7 weeks away and we appreciated how easy it was just to have Mia! We are enjoying this time with Mia but so looking forward to meet Little Ryan.

Grandpa and Grandma came to join in the parade fun!
Oh little Miss America waving to everyone-her pageant days are getting so close!!!!!

Please blow this picture up of Ryan I can't stop laughing at his face!!!

After Beezies nap we headed down to the Loveridge's for more 4th fun!

Swimming with Dada

This boat ride was by far the highlight for Mia she did not stop smiling and saying "I'm on a boat." -Thank you captain obvious!!!

Time for some sparklers......She only has a few singed eyelashes-no biggie! Next year the kids are going to try a roman candle fight.

Look how sweet baby Bray is, I could just bite him :)

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