Monday, July 11, 2011

Our weekend.......

Since this blog is my only form of organizing pictures for my family I have to include a couple random but important pictures..... Like this one of Mia making popcorn with my mom, its her favorite and only gets to do it at Grandma's!

Here is Grandma putting her to work again, she has to earn her keep! Those bags are fill with 10lb flour sacks! What a stud.
My only official prego shot, 34 weeks! He is getting an eviction notice very soon if he does not get off my sciatic nerve!

Look at how big baby Tanna is with her mom! We are pretty sure she is twice the size that Tay Tay was :)

Mia still LOVES baby Tanna!

Here the girls are playing after soccer, they are getting their dirt quota for the week.

Ryan's Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Mike drove up from California for a visit and Ryan convinced me to go on a hike. 15 minutes in I wanted to kill him (and I still might) I can hardly walk today! But it was great seeing them and the hike was beautiful!

We made it to see the waterfall! Beez does love to hike and Ryan usually takes her so I don't get to see how much she loves it. She talks the ENTIRE way I wonder where she gets that????

Then we celebrated Mes's birthday at the Spaghetti Factory I don't have Taylor in this picture but $0.25 to the first person who can find baby Tana.

A couple of weeks ago my Uncle Paul came to dinner and I had to post a picture cause I just don't see him enough and its no secret that I really love him! And just like her mom, Mia does too....

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