Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Lori Emily and Ellie come to visit!

Here are Ellie and Mia in the tub! They were great ages to play together cause Ellie loved watching Mia since she is not yet on the move and Mia was obsessed with helping Ellie do EVERYTHING! I loved watching them together and spending Mom time with Emily. We did laugh about the fact that gone are the days of spending 3 hours getting ready to go out, drinking in the shower, setting aside 45 minutes just to straighten our hair, setting up a play list with songs that fit the theme of the night, trying on 15 outfits and trading clothes. Now we are lucky to have 3 minutes to get ready!!!!!!
We had beautiful sunny day to go sledding-Ellies first time! I actually think she really liked the snow, but I can't really be sure because she is such a fun baby and loved everything we did with her. She really is such a happy baby! We all wanted to kiss her sweet little cheeks off.

Kyle, Jalyn (Jean) and Bradyn (Bean) came to go sledding too! I am pretty sure that it took more time to get all the kids ready to go sledding than it actually did to sled!

Grandpa and Grandma Lori (we think????)

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