Monday, September 27, 2010

Our Weekend (actually our Sunday)

Anyone who knows my moms knows a couple of things about her, she loves Glen Campbell, all natural food, sunscreen, fiber cereal with blueberries and the horse races. Consequently Mia is following right in her foot steps she claps when she hears Glen, loves fiber cereal and yells NEEEEEIHG when she sees the horses running at Emerald Downs on my parents TV. So, on Sunday we took her to the track to see them in person and as you can imagine she went crazy :) I would also like to add that my Mom bought her a toy from the gift shop (that she is obsessed with). My brother and I had to remind her that she NEVER EVER bought us anything from gift shops and she calmly said, "I like her better." Point Taken.
Grandpa and Uncle Matt Matt

Our little Jockey (although we are pretty sure that her head is already too big for those helmets-I mean she can barely fit it through the whole :)
Then last night we went to the new Ben and Jerry's in our neighborhood and she loved the ice cream! DUH!

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Annie said...

Super cute!
What a special relationship that Mia has with your parents :) It makes me wish that my parents lived closer! I sure enjoyed visiting with your mom and dad at the mall that one day.
And isn't Ben & Jerrys such a nice addition to the neighborhood!? We've been there just once so far, but that doesn't mean that I don't think about it every day!!