Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally I get to meet Ellie!

Mia and I traveled BY OURSELVES to San Luis Obispo this past week to see my Best friend of all time from the 2nd grade to meet her daughter Ellie Elizabeth. I have only been able to see pictures of her and to see her in person was amazing and she was so precious and sweet!

Mia and Ellie
Look at that hat and that smile! I could kiss her face off :)
Bubble gum alley
Story time! I am pretty sure Ellie had a longer attention span.
Emily's husband Rob coaches football so we went to his game Friday night.
We went to a fruit stand/farm in San Luis and Mia started this new screaming thing when she gets super excited and I think she scared the animals.

Look at that funny cow!
Look at the tounge on that cow!

Mia's first time to a real beach and she could not stay out of the water. I think she was in awe of it.

Two pretty girls in TUTU's

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