Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Busy Mia

Mia had a pretty busy weekend! Not only is she crawling but she has already figured out how to get into her drawer and pull out all her jammies (which she thinks is really fun!) Here she is with Auntie Reecer and Chris at Auntie Tamarras basketball game. She is just in love with them both.
She just loves her Grandma and especially loves to try and take her glasses!
Then Mia had a great time with Uncle Belo and Auntie Tamarra playing arcade games. She got to spend the weekend with them!
On Sunday night Ryan Mia and I went with Mes Trev and Tay Tay down to China town for dinner. It was amazing! The girls had a blast, they are really starting to remember each other. Mia spent the most of the night yelling at Taylor and Mes, she is crazy! I wonder WHERE she gets it???????
OH poor Tay Tay its hard enough learning to support her own weight let alone her best friend AND her 98th percentile head!

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