Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mia Update!

Big new in the Hildebrand house hold...Mia is crawling!!!!! She isn't all over the place yet (which I am thankful for) but she is a baby on the move. She is a little under the weather right now but she is a trooper, still laughing and yelling at other kids at the park. She keeps us on our toes cause she is C-R-A-Z-Y (especially when she yells at people just so she can say HI to them :) We all know where she got her social side from lets just hope she will have more success in the classroom then her Mom did!
At the park loving the fire truck and all the kids.

Here is Baby Emma Rylee Alexa and Makenna swimming at the YMCA. Mia had to watch cause she is sick. I think she was mad at me but since she has the memory of a gold fish we are back on good terms! Thankfully.....
She still loves her Johnny Jump Up
We got to have Tay Tay over for a play-date! She was so good and even endured a photo-shoot with a smile!

What great friends.

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