Friday, February 12, 2010

Nanny Day!

I always said that when I finally was a Mom I wouldn't nanny my kids. But being that I have been a nanny for 9 years now its really hard not to expose her to all the fun stuff I have done with all the kids I have nannied for in the past. Mia doesn't need me to be her nanny she needs me to be her MOM! I want Mia to experience all the great things that I did as a kids like going to Midas to get my Moms brakes fixed and sitting there for 3 hours while she yelled at us for putting the coffee creamer in the water fountain. Or grocery shopping or sitting with at the Dr. office waiting for someone else! So, I have allotted myself 1 day a week to nanny Mia. Today's nanny day consisted of playing at the boat at bell square, baking a valentine cake and Mia attempting her first craft! ALL were a success (sort of).......

She was so proud of herself climbing through the boat! But it was pretty scary for me I had to deflect flying and jumping kids from crushing her.

Here is the Valentine cake. Mia actually had no part in this whatsoever, but soon she will be helping me in the kitchen :)
Now for craft time I got this idea from my friend Emy and basically its contact paper with a heart cut out and by default Mia would drop the different materials on the contact paper and create a beautiful masterpiece.
Notice here she is experimenting with the different senses (taste) She did not like the fuzzy pom poms but took quite a liking to the tissue paper.

Voila! Her masterpiece was made! Even though she didn't really get it AT ALL, I am still going to keep in crafting in hopes that she makes us some really great fridge worthy works of art!

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