Sunday, January 22, 2012

Winter storm 2012 da da dun.............

Round here we have been having some extreme weather causing all sorts of trouble! We have had snow which cancels school which means we get to play with the Nenna's. Which also means Ryan can't work which means I get to sleep in yippee! Which also means the power goes out and hurricane Hildebrand has moved from the Fords to the G-rents house where Ryan Mia and little Ryan don't ever want to leave. We have power now but my family wants to stay at my parents house. We are lucky to have a warm place to stay where we are all so loved and fed way TOO well!
Here is a little craft I did with the Nenna's its super easy and the loved it. All I did was fill spray bottles with very strong colored water and told the girls to make me some beautiful art work, and they delivered!

The Tsuchikawa's had cabin fever so Ryan rescued them and Taylor and Mia just love them some Da-exa and Makenna.They would never come in from the snow if it was up to them....What do you do in a power outage? Hunker down and snugle to keep warm.We also made colored ice blocks to play with in the snow, I just froze colored water in my tupperware then gave them to the girls to build and play with in the snow.LR's first time having snow at his house! Yup, he's a fan.

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