Sunday, January 29, 2012

lots of changes......

My two kiddos can finally take a bath together! This is huge for me considering I give my kids a bath every day! I blame my Mom- she bathed us everyday so now its just habit, although, I am pretty sure this is why my kids are allergic to many laundry detergents, shampoo,s lotions and sunscreens, why they also have to have Aquaphore everyday and Mia looks like a Dalmatian. Oh well at least they are clean!!!!!!!!

He is really starting to love his sissy-which works well for me cause she can practically take care of him herself!Smiling like Auntie Sissy.......I just love this picture- I finally documented how she has been crossing her feet since she was a baby.She's a crafter-we did watercolor forever the other night, a girl after my own heart!Learning to trace Oh and this guy can grab his toes!Mia loves her some Auntie Sissy time-they went to the store like this and came back with Ice Cream, PB cookies and chocolate.

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