Sunday, August 7, 2011

Remlinger Farm 2011

Last Wednesday was pretty crazy we went to Remlinger Farm to pick Raspberries then to play in the farm on all the rides. (Later that night we went to the Sounders game-pics to follow) I just love this picture of my Mom with her bonnet, backpack, glasses (so she can check the berries for mold and bugs) and of course SPF 70 ALL over her body!!!! She is such a trooper and there is no way that I could keep doing everything I am doing with out her help!

I love these two!

All the kids berry picking (minus Makenna :(

Look at how Alexa has to stand cause of my enormous belly!!! As of Friday I am 38 weeks and my Dr. thinks Little Ryan is already 8 lbs.

Mia and Grandma

She loved every single ride!

The funny thing about Alexa riding this horse is that I took her here when she was Mia's age and I remember her riding "blackberry" and talking about it just like Mia does. How is she 8???

This is by far Mia's favorite! She does not stop talking about how she rode Apple and Coconut! She sings about them in her crib when she is falling asleep and waking up!

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