Monday, May 23, 2011


Last week the hubby and I headed down to Las Vegas for some QT before our 2nd small friend shows up which is very quickly approaching! It was the first time that we had left Mia for a trip and the first time I have been more than an hour away from her, I was very sad the day before we left but as soon as we were free it was amazing. We had so much fun just talking, eating, laying by the pool and laughing! Yup, here we are taking a cab through in-n-out, oh how I could eat there everyday!

Our cab driver was pretty awesome, he was loving taking our pictures.
Oh pool time, how amazing! We were both fried but didn't care cause its been 8 months since we had seen the sun!

We made a quick stop at the M&M store for Beez!

We played this game for hours!

We also made a couple club biggie.

Look for these pics on TMZ

Bloody Mary's by the pool! (obviously mine is virgin but still freakin cost 8.50!)

I decided to take a bit of pickle for the first time since so many pregnant women love them, for the record I am still not a fan!

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