Monday, November 22, 2010


I have a love hate relationship with the snow! This is an example of when I love it: When I have lots of food, am at home, with my family, and know where to go. That is fun. But it is not fun when I have to drive all day, be away from my baby (who was having her first real day in the snow) and then spend 2 hours driving from Newcastle to Issaquah (we are spending the night at my parents-which means Beez is happy Ryan and I are full and we get to play YAHTZEE) But I do have to say that I am kinda a bad ass in the snow I flipped a u-turn on I-90 (you know the place where the cops hide to give me tickets) Some lady even flipped me off and then I played a fun game of bobbing and weaving up the Issaquah Highlands hill. Now everything is good Ryan is here and so he can drive us home tomorrow :) Anyways, Beez had a great time playing in the snow although she is trying to figure it out since she was too little last winter.

While I was a work my Mom taught Ryan how to make home-made pie crust! She said he was a professional!!

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