Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween with the puppy

Here is our little doggie before we headed out for some trick-or-treating!
The fire truck stopped to hand out little light up necklaces for all the kids. It was so neat!
Mia with her "people"
Ok this was obviously making me laugh, so here was Mia's first ever house that she actually could trick-or-treat at and she probably knocked 100 times and know one was home but she never gave up.

At this house they had very spooky decorations with loud noises and thanks to Grandpa always wearing Halloween masks around Mia wasn't phased. The people thought she was so brave they gave her this special light up toy! Way to go Beez you are ready for the haunted house at Disney (yes, I am taking her on that!!!!)
She even got a couple of king sized snickers (which works out perfectly for my dad since he always took ours now he is keeping the tradition alive by taking Mia's)
Auntie Tam and Bobo got in on the action too, they were loving Mia trick-or-treating cause now they get the candy with out having to dress up :)
Then to stay with tradition the Wallace's came over to see us at our new place and Mia loved having her friends there. Jalyn is such a cute Jesse and Bradyn's buzz outfit went perfectly with J's.


Annie said...

Fun! What a cute little puppy :) I love that Mia has an entourage!

So, you moved?!?!!? Where do you live now?? We are moving on Saturday- We've got to talk and catch up!

LEC said...

I love how hard you are laughing in the pictures of Mia knocking on the door of the first house. Too hilarious.