Monday, July 19, 2010

This weekend we..............

Took the kids and Mia to Alki and rented a bike for all of us. We ALL had so much fun. Ryan was banned from driving for running over a trash can, running me and Tam into the bushes and overall lack of attention to the road. So, once the kids and i took over everyone was safe!

Mia playing in the sand.
On Saturday we went to Ryan's 3 on 3 tourney. He took second place and we all has fun watching. It was like a mini-hoopfest. Luckily Mia loves watching sports like her Dad Aunt and Uncle.
Bouncing with Tam Tam
Running after the ball.....
Mia is such a great sport spectator ;)

Uncle Cam's b-day
Beez in my turbie-so sexy!!!!

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Annie said...

fun! would you believe that i've never been to alki?? i want to go rent a bike!
i love the pic of the turbie!