Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh Glen!

Ok so you all know by now how amazing my Mom is, she is the worlds best Mom and I don't say that lightly! There is nothing she won't do for us and she is the most selfless woman I know. She asks for nothing and spends her life doing things for others. So, because she is turning 50 next February my sister and I wanted to do something that was just for my Mom. And for those of you who don't know this my Mom is Glen Campbell's #1 Fan!!! (you know: The Rhinestone Cowboy) So we found out that he was playing two nights at the Nugget Casino and Hotel in Reno, we booked tickets, and flew her down for the show(s). Ryan's Dad was instrumental in helping us cause he was able to get us the hotel room for free and hook us up with some really good tickets for one of the nights at the show. The pictures speak for themselves but I will just give a quick run down, saw Glen 8 different times, took pictures, he sat at sound check and chatted with my mom for half an hour, hung out with his manager, hung out with his band (including his son Cal) he sang to my Mom at sound check (we were the only ones in the audience). All in all I have to say we could not have planned anything more perfect. As my Mom say it was an "Out of body experience!"
In the Reno airport
At sound check- UNBELIEVABLE!
Mom watching Glen
Mom with his Manager Bill
His band member with Son Cal on the right!Uh me reinacting when I ran into the wall!
Backstage before the show
He still has it :)

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