Friday, June 11, 2010

Mia has a new friend!!!!!!

My best friend Emily and her husband Rob had their baby yesterday! She had a baby girl Ellie Elizabeth Boele, 8lbs 1oz and about 20 inches. She has curly dark hair. Emily was a champ she went into labor at 10pm went to the hospital at 1am and had the baby by 11am. She is so freaking lucky. I think I am going to give Mia a time out for giving me such a hard time in labor or I might just make her do my 13 loads of laundry that need to be done today. Either way she is in trouble. I would love to post pics but I don't have any yet :( I managed to spend the entire day crying yesterday mostly cause I know how special a true BIRTHday is, partially because know one is more deserving of the happiness that a baby brings then Emily and her family and partially because I was not there. The girls I nanny for kept asking me "Jami, those are happy tears right?" And yes, they were ALL HAPPY!

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