Monday, June 14, 2010

Auntie Reeser Graduates!

This weekend we went to Ellensburg for Marisa's Graduation. She did amazing and we are so proud of her. Mia had a blast and we went to Suncadia after to celebrate! What a great place, you people should really check it out, we loved it and its a fantastic family spot :)
Mia showing Grandma Billie her new shoes
Mia with Auntie Reeser
Papa and GB with the Graduate

We all took a turn pretending we graduated
I am pretty sure my Papa and I graduated Magna whatever whatever!!!! (we are really smart)
Mia loved the pool and it was so fun to see her in her little summer clothes.

Oh Uncle Matt Matt

Smelling the weeds!


Brieanne said...

Love her little ruffle butt!

Suncadia is awesome huh? My parents cabin is right near there and we love it!!

LEC said...

LOVE the picture of your little family in front of the lake with Mia reaching towards the camera. SO CUTE!