Monday, May 24, 2010

Fun Busy Weekend!

This last weekend was packed with fun events! On Friday night we had a reception of our friend Laura and her husband Jeff.

We headed out to Snoqualmie with the kids to play around on the trains!

Of course Mia loved it! What doesn't she love???? Oh wait I know she doesn't love to sleep through the night!!!!! Oh well you can't win every battle :)

Racing on the tracks (don't worry no trains were on this track)

Ok, I know it looks like I am losing but I promise I won! Take that Tam Tam :)
Here is Ryan's version of putting Mia in the car!
On Saturday night Erinn (my boss) had her 40th Birthday party! It was a blast, Ryan and I got our grove on!

Then on Sunday we celebrated Ryan's moms birthday at our house.
And Mia had a sleep-over with Cameron, she thought this was REALLY funny.

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