Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Well everyone, my Mom and I had the most amazing night last night! As most of you know I went to middle school with Adam Lambert of American Idol. Emily (my best friend) and I were friends with him. He was an amazing singer then and he is incredible now. So, my Mom and I decided to buy tickets to the concert and try and get back stage to see him. Also, the family I nanny for became huge Adam fans during the season so they also went to the concert and while I had the girls yesterday we made go Adam t-shirts! Anyways, at the concert we found a security person and gave him a picture of Adam and I from middle school with my contact information on it and told him we were there. About 15 minutes later a woman called me and said Adam had 2 backstage passes for us. I was jumping around like a crazy person :) After the show I grab the Ford's (people I nanny for) and we head back. Somehow I convince the head of American Idol security to at least let the girls back stage with us. When we finally got back there was a line for Adam but once we made eye contact he totally came over and gave me a huge hug! Then I immediately gave him my phone (which had Emily waiting to talk to him) He talked to her for about 4 mins. He said he loved her and wanted to catch up. Emily said sure in like 25 years when your career settles down! She loved talking to him (you will see him on the phone in the pictures). We had about 10 minutes with Adam and I loved getting him to sign my picture of Mia with the "Vote 4 Adam" shirt on. My Mom reminded him of the pedicure he gave her and he laughed and said he totally remembered that! After we met Adam we said what the hell and went around to see some of the other people!

Waiting to go backstage

Talking to Emily

How adorable-they are going to be the hit with all thier friends! Mom and I
I got this for my friend Kellie who is in love with him!

Jody-I got you an autograph too!

Ryan's personal favorite Scott!

Man- Kris is so little he makes me look like Mia when she is with Taylor!

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