Sunday, July 19, 2009

Emily's Wedding

We had a wonderful time in San Luis Obispo for Emily and Rob's wedding! I thought I would share my speech with you cause it says just how great Emily and Rob are but also how close Emily and I are. It was an amazing wedding you can view the slide show I put together (all by myself I might add). Enjoy! I am sure I will be posting more photos later these are all the pictures that I had today!

I’m Jami Emily’s Matron of honor and I could not be more proud to stand next to Emily on the biggest day of her life. I have had the pleasure of being best friends with Emily for almost 20 years now. Emily and I have a very unique friendship, not only has it stood the test of time but our moms are best friends, our brothers were best friends, our Dads were even close and my sister Marisa was best friends with their dog Tilly! That rare family bond has only strengthened our friendship.

In fact most of the entertainment in our life has been at the loving expense of Emily’s Dad John. For our high school graduation he took us to Hawaii for two weeks. Just to annoy him for not letting us (at 18) drive the rental car we both decided to ride in the front. So, with the three of us in the front seat of the car Emily put the hazards on and John panicked, pulled over and made us get out because he thought the car was going to blow up! We laughed so hard we couldn't see straight. John just stood with such disappointment on his face and saying, ‘UNBELIEVABLE” Despite his best effort we won and ended up driving the rental car all over Hawaii!

But I could not stand here today and not recognize that through the loss of her brother Garrett and her Dad John our friendship was intensified and we are forever bonded. During what has been the most challenging time in Emily’s life I believe that her strength is absolutely inspiring. To say that I am proud of her is a total understatement. (Emily- I know your dad and brother are so proud of you and are celebrating with you today and I am so proud of you and who you have become- you are going to make an amazing wife for Rob)

I should have known at a young age that Emily would make a great wife. She is willing to do anything for love. I know this because in the 3rd grade Emily always scored 100% on her spelling test every week. I on the other hand had NEVER scored 100%. I was so distraught about this that I convinced Emily to let me cheat off her test. Thanks to Emily it was my ONLY 100% for the year. This was a true testament of Emily’s love for me cause she had never done anything like that before and right after she let me cheat she immediately felt guilty but I assured her it would be worth it J The other reason why I know she will make a great wife is because we used to play this game called ATTENTION. This game entailed Matt Garrett Marisa and I all playing in the back yard and then Emily would spontaneously yell ATTENTION and we would all have come running, assemble in a straight line like little soldiers and salute her. So Rob, know that Emily is willing to do anything for love and if that isn’t enough just scream

ATTENTION and she will come running and salute you!
As for Rob, when I first heard of him Emily referred to him as “Hot Rob.” As their relationship progressed and as I got to know him; I knew that he would be perfect for Emily. He is so caring and loving and patient with her. I feel such peace knowing he is going to take care of Emily for the rest of her life.

Emily and Rob the power of marriage is incredible; it brings all of the closest family and friends in your life together to celebrate the beginning of a new journey. You are blessing to each other and a gift to us all.


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