Tuesday, December 3, 2013

November 2013

November was a great month!  Here is some of what happened. 
 These two are coloring maniacs. 
 Mia is playing basketball.  She loves it and its so much fun to watch her play with Tay Tay!
 Jody and Scott had Dottie Rose and we just love her.
 We went with Taylor and Tanna to meet hello kitty.  Mia loved it however........
 lil' Ryan was terrified and had to watch from afar!

 Since Thanksgiving was so late this year we got our tree early. Everyone loved it, especially the kids.

 Mia had her Thanksgiving performance at school.  She was the large chick. 

 Thanksgiving was great this year.  It was smaller than usual but the food was the best and we were all thankful to be together.

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